This set includes one Snap Together Motor Mount Assembly(right lower side).
It also incluses three different tail fin designs pictured at top of picture.(4 of each)
Completed Motor Mount/Tail Fin Assembly picture uses only one set of fins as shown in the lower center picture.
Assembly also includes one CP-55 Coupler (lower left).
THis assembly fit a BT-55 Body Tube (1.283"D)inside and 1.325D outside.
BT-55 Body tubes and BT-55 Clear Payload tubes are available.

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Easy add-on fin can

BAR Geezer on Aug 4th 2016

This is an easy way to add fins to a bt-55 sized tube. It comes with two fin can halves that you glue together, and 3 sets of fins. The fins lock in place with a tail ring/engine retainer, so you can easily change the look of your rocket.