Dependable, easy-to-use Estes model rocket starters in a convenient six pack. It is always a good idea to have a few spares. Only the name and part number have changed from the original Estes 302301 Igniters.

Rocketeer's Tip: If the leads on a starter get twisted or otherwise contact each other, it will create a short circuit and prevent the rocket motor from igniting properly. To help prevent short circuits, Estes has placed a strip of tape between the starter leads. They also provide plugs with each model rocket engine pack. Save those plugs, they are re-usable! After lift-off, the used starter plug can usually be found only a few feet from the launch pad. Also, if the tape comes loose or you don't have a plug, the starter leads can be held apart by simply placing a small piece of wadding between the starter leads while setting up for launch!

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