Load up your object and fly into space. Flies up to 1000 feet. Laser cut balsa fins. Self-adhesive decals.
Skill Level: 1

Rocket Specifications:
Length:16.25" (41.3cm)
Diameter: .984" (25mm
Weight: 1.13 oz. (32.g) plus cargo

Recommended Engines:
A6-4, B6-4, C6-5

Current Stock:
Quest 1018

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Woody's Workshop on Dec 1st 2020

Here's another great Payloader for your Fleet! The one this one is replacing went out of sight never to be seen again. I had scratch built a D-Engine Booster Stage for it, and after staging it just went WAY UP THERE! This one is getting an additional 2 Booster Stages, both 18mm. I still have to work it out in SimRoc, but I'm sure it will stable when an altimeter and chute release is added to the payload. I really think this is a good rocket just the way it is, and a great addition to any Payload Fleet. I just can't resist making it go even higher though. To me, just looking at it begs for more stages!