The "scale" fleet keeps growing! Another highly sought after scale kit has returned to Estes! The Nike Smoke is a 1/10 scale model and is actually a pretty straight build. With an estimated weight of 2.4 ounces, you can expect to reach heights of about 650 feet. Another high quality Estes kit just waiting to be added to your fleet!

Skill Level: 2

Rocket Specifications:

Length: 22.9 in. (58.2 cm)
Diameter: 1.64 in. (42 mm)
Estimated Weight: 2.4 oz. (65.2 g)

Projected Max Altitude: 650 ft. (198 m)

Laser cut Wood Fins, Waterslide Decal, 15 in. (38.1 cm) Parachute Recovery

Recommended Engines:

B6-4 (First Flight), C6-5

Current Stock:
Estes 7247

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