Skill Level 3 - Also known as A for Advanced

Little Joe was a solid-fueled booster rocket launched by NASA eight times from 1959-1960 for testing in Project Mercury. You will want to add the Estes 7255 Little Joe 1 to your scale model fleet. 

Rocket Specifications:

Length: 17.62 in. (44.8 cm.)

Diameter: .98 in. (25 mm)

Weight: 1.8 oz. (51 g)

Recovery: 15 in. (38.1 cm) Parachute

Fins: Laser cut wood

Decals: Waterslide

Max Altitude: 400 ft. (122m)


Recommended Engines: (sold separately)

B6-2 (first launch), C6-3


Additional requirements for launch: (sold separately)

 Porta Pad II (with 1/8 in. launch rod) and Electron Beam Launch Controller


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