A sleek 2-stage sport rocket standing over 30 inches tall, the Air Commander is sure to "command" the skies! This rocket can be flown as a single stage or 2-stage and can reach heights of 2250 amazing feet.

The Air Commander flies on standard engines and a bright 18 inch parachute brings it back to earth. Prepare for re-launch with a new Estes engine, wadding, an igniter and igniter plug.

Skill Level 2 Model Rocket Kit

Model Rocket Specifications:
Length: 32.5 in. (82.5 cm)
Diameter: 1.33 in. (33 mm)
Estimated Weight: 3.8 oz. (107.7 g)
Recovery: 18 in. (46 cm) Parachute
Features: Laser cut Wood Fins, Waterslide Decals
Projected Max Altitude: 2250 ft. (686 m)

Recommended Model Rocket Engines:
C11-0 & C11-5 (First Flight), C11-0 & D12-5 or D12-7, D12-0 & C11-5 or C11-7 or D12-5 or D12-7. Single Stage only: C11-3 (First Flight), D12-5, D12-7
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